Edward Joseph HEDGES

1874  ~  1948

Edward Joseph was the fifth son of Henry HEDGES, born to his second wife Ruth GORE of Winsley, on 6th March 1874 at Turleigh, Wilts

(Ruth,  baptised in Winsley on 5th August 1849,  married  Henry HEDGES at Bradford on 22nd June 1873.)

 On the left,  Edward Joseph HEDGES with his parents, Henry and Ruth, and  his half brother Henry James.

This family photograph  was taken in about 1876 when the family were living in Wine Street, New Town, Bradford on Avon.


Some years later, a photograph of Edward Joseph  with a pet dog.


Edward's father Henry died on 22nd February 1890.


On 16th October1898 Edward Joseph  married Emma BATTEN of Road  at St Peter's Church, Twerton.

. The family group in the photograph below  fits  with the 1901 census when Ruth was living with her son and daughter in law at 34 Dorset Street, Twerton, Bath. Edward Joseph was a Maltster's Drayman working for Taylor's Brewery in Bath.

1901 Census Entry for Edward Joseph's family, Dorset Street, Twerton, Bath

The BROWNS of 34 Dorset Street,Twerton Circa. 1901

Edward Joseph and Emma HEDGES with, presumably, Daisy Eveline.

C. 1899

L to R;  Ruth HEDGES,  Edward Joseph and Emma HEDGES with Violet Dorothy HEDGES and Daisy Eveline HEDGES . This photograph must have been taken in 1902 or 1903.

 Daisy Eveline, Emma, Edward Joseph, Violet Dorothy, Henry William (rear) and Edward George HEDGES

Jack PACKER, Daisy Eveline, Edward George, Henry William and Violet Dorothy with, in the foreground, Lilian EADES (nee BATTEN), Edward Joseph and Emma.

Reg and Jack PACKER were children from 33 Dorset St, taken in by Edward Joseph when their parents died.

Emma BATTEN was the daughter of  George and Ann BATTEN, born at Road(Rode)  in 1873.  In the 1881 census she was living with her step sister Bessie WATERS and  her 1 month old and un-named brother, at 'New Town'.

Edward and Emma had four children, Daisy Eveline, born on 26th February 1899, Edward George, born on 15th March 1900,  Henry William (Harry) born  March 1/4 1903 Bath, Violet Dorothy (Dorrie), born 3rd March 1905 .

Daisy Eveline HEDGES Violet Dorothy HEDGES Violet Dorothy HEDGES

During World War II Edward George HEDGES joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and in 1918 was serving on board HMS Colossus, where he witnessed the surrender of the German Fleet at Scapa Floe

Edward George HEDGES married Emily Louisa PICKARD at North Bradley Church,Wilts on 12th September 1925

Their daughter Jean was born on 22nd December 1930

Wedding Photo of Edward George HEDGES & Emily L:ouisa PICKARD, Bath, 1900

Henry William (Harry) HEDGES Circa. 1930

Henry William (Harry) was born  March 1/4 1903 Bath, and died on 20th March 1932 Aged 29 Years

Violet Dorothy HEDGES married Edward PRINCE  at Bath on 24th August 1940

Marriage photo of Daisy Evline HEDGES & Edward (Eddie) PRINCE, Bath 1940


  Henry William HEDGES was  buried in plot SS11 at Bellotts Road Cemetery, Bath  on 23rd March 1932.

  Edward Joseph died  in Bath on the 16th or 17th December 1948 aged 74, and was buried in the same grave on 21st  December 1948.

  Emma died on 11th December 1966 at the age of 93, and was buried in the family grave on 15th December.

  Daisy Eveline at the age of 79, was buried there on 14th July 1978

  Edward Arthur PRINCE died on 10th January 1983 aged 76, and  his ashes interred at the grave.on18th January

  Violet Dorothy PRINCE  died on 17th November 1988 aged 83, and her ashes interred at the same site on 29th November.

GRAVE SS11 in Bellotts Road Cemetery, Twerton, Bath

  Edward George HEDGES  died on 16th April 1982, was cremated on 26th April and interred into 'shrubbery No. 4' of Haycombe Cemetery.

  Emily Louisa died on 15th February 1989, was cremated on 21st February and interred into 'shrubbery No. 4' of Haycombe Cemetery.