The GANDON Family

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About 1774; Peter GANDON is Kent.

About 1781; Ann KNOWLES is born in Kent.

1798  Peter GANDON marries Elizabeth FILMER on 19th August, at Faversham and the couple have two children, Amelia Elizabeth (bap 20 Jan 1799, Favershm), Ann (b.7 Dec 1801,bap 18 Dec 1801, Sittingbourne)

1806 Peter GANDON marries Ann KNOWLES on 24th December 1806 at Frindsbury All Saints Church, Kent.

Peter and Ann GANDON were living in Rochester  where 6 of their children were born and baptised at the Bethel-Wesleyan Chapel.

1808; Jabez is born on 27th January and baptised on 20th March.

1810; Andrew is born on 25th February and baptised on15th April.

1811; Hager is born on 25th May and baptised on 15th September

1812; Zaccheus  is born on  9th July and baptised  on 27th September

        ; Hager GANDON aged 1 year 3 months dies  on 10th September 1812.

1813; Hagar,a second daughter, is born on 4th November and baptised  on 2nd January 1814.

1815; Hanah is born on 9th February and baptised on 2nd April.

About 1821 ; Isaac is born .

1828; July 5th, Andrew GANDON joins HMS Crocodile in the River Medway, as an Ordinary Seaman.

Here is ... Andrew GANDON's Journey to AUSTRALIA

1829; November 16th, Andrew GANDON is discharged from HMS Crocodile at Port Jackson, Sydney Bay

1833 Andrew GANDON marries Sarah FLOOD on 14th October 1833 at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

1834 John PAINTER, escaped convict, impersonates Andrew GANDON in a marriage application.

1841; The Census records Peter GANDON, Ann, Hanah and 'Isaiah' living in the High Street, Rochester. Peter is described as a carpenter, although

          when Zaccheus re-marries in 1863 , Peters occupation is stated to have been a builder.

1832; Zaccheus GANDON marries Amelia VARRALL  on 5th February at Frindsbury  Church. The couple have 9 children, born between 1833 and 1852. The pattern of births and baptisms suggests that the family were living  in Knightsbridge in 1833, Stepney  in 1841 and back in Greenwich from about 1844. There is clearly a strong link with Stepney, as Susannah was born there and was to return there 26 years later for her marriage.

1833; Robert Thomas  is  born on 7th March  and baptised on 26th May at St John's Church, Westminster.  Zaccheus is  a Tailor and the family are resident in Archer Street.

1835; Elizabeth Amelia is baptised on 29th March at Chatham.

1837; Giles Chadderton, is born on 30th April and baptised at Chatham on 21st January 1838.

1841; Susannah Harriet is born on 16th August at No9 Gray Street, Mile End Old Town, Stepney where Zaccheus is still working as a Tailor.

About 1844; Amelia is born in at Greenwich and it is probable that at this time Zaccheus became a 'Letter Carrier' or postman.

1844; Peter William, is born in the June Quarter  at Greenwich.

1846; Mary Ann Maria is born 4th December and baptised at St Alphage, Greenwich on 8th January 1847 .

1850; George Henry is born in the June Quarter, the birth being registered at Greenwich.

1851; The  Census shows the family resident at No.6 Norfolk Place, Greenwich; Robert Thomas is recorded as 'Thomas' an 11 year old 'Newspaper Carrier', who never uses his 'Robert' christian name again on any official documents. (It has not been possible to explain the 7 year difference in Thomas' age, there is no evidence that Robert Thomas died or that another Thomas was born in 1840)

1852; Amelia Matilda is born in the September Quarter at Greenwich.

1854; Peter GANDON, Gentleman, dies 23rd February at East Place, Chatham aged 82 years, Mary Ann Mills is the informant

1855; Zaccheus' wife Amelia dies on 3rd May at the age of 44 whilst living at 5 Norfolk Place, Greenwich. Unusually the informant is the next door neighbour, Jane Todman of 6 Norfolk Place.

1857; Mary Ann Maria dies in the March Quarter aged 11 years; her death registered at Greenwich.

1861; Elizabeth Amelia marries in the December Quarter at Greenwich; the name of her spouse is not known.

1863; On 23rd November; Zaccheus, now living at Blackheath Hill, is married to Annie SHIELDS, at St. Mark's Church, Lewisham.He is described as a 'Letter Carrier' . Annie is living at Dartmouth Hill, Greenwich.

1864; Thomas GANDON, a bachelor and clerk, marries Elizabeth Ann RHODES at New Alresford, Hampshire, on 11th June. The certificate records Zaccheus as a 'tailor' and Elizabeth Ann's father, Joseph, a railway inspector. Elizabeth and her family are from Saddleworth in West Yorkshire, 'though why the marriage is in Hampshire remains a mystery!

1866; In the first quarter of the year, Giles Chadderton GANDON, a coastguard boatman, marries Charlotte APPLEYARD at Caistor in Lincolnshire. The couple later move to Bridlington, have 13 children, and later run a lodging house. Giles dies in the September quarter of 1898 at Bridlington.

1869; Herbert GANDON is born in the 2nd quarter of this year to Thomas and Elizabeth.

1869; Zaccheus GANDON, a 57 year old  'Letter carrier', dies at 3 Upper George Street, Greenwich on 20th October.  Zacheus hassuffered from Asthma for some years, Bronchitis for some months, and then has a simple fracture of the ?sternum.

1881; The Census shows Thomas living at 13 Chatham Road, Greenwich, with Elizabeth Ann, their son Herbert and Thomas' sister Amelia who appears not to have married.

1891; Thomas, an overseer G.P.O., Elizabeth and Herbert, a Telegraphist G.P.O. are living at 20 Burland Road, Battersea.

1894; In the September quarter  Elizabeth Ann GANDON dies

1896: on 16th April 1896 Thomas marries Eliza Jane CURTIS at The Avenue Congregational Church, Southampton. It is a double wedding, with Eliza's sister Alice Ann ; the name of her spouse is not known, the church records being too badly damaged for copying or transcription. Thomas is described as a G.P.O. Inspector, Zaccheus was a 'Gentleman' as was Eliza's father James.

1898; Ina Elsie GANDON is born at 74 Ramsden Road, Balham on 15th March. Thomas is described on the certificate  as an Inspector, General Post Office.


1921: Ina Elsie GANDON marries Alfred Edmund WHIELDON  on 1st June 1921 at Highfield Church, Southampton.

1925; Thomas GANDON dies of Senile decay and cardiac failure on 2nd October,  he is buried in Hill lane Cemetery, Southampton on 7th October.  His death certificate records that his niece, J.E.C. WILKINS was present at the death.

The grave at section Q 130 079  has a monumental inscription that reads ' In Loving Memory of Thomas GANDON who passed peacefully away Oct 2nd 1925 Aged 86'

1943; Eliza Jane age 87, widow of Thomas GANDON, of 64 Welbeck Avenue, Southampton dies on 2nd December at St Johns Nursing Home, Rownhams . She is buried with Thomas on 6th December and her inscription reads 'also his wife Eliza Jane at Rest Dec 2nd 1943'