1834 - 1890


Henry was baptised at Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon, Wilts. on 5th April 1836, the son of Thomas HEDGES, a 'road labourer' and Angell SADLER. . 

Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon
There were 13 children born to the couple, but only 6 appear in the 1851 census and some may not have survived infancy.

Thomas (jnr), christened Thomas SADDLER , has the words 'illegitimate' written on his baptim certificate.

 John(1829) was christened on 15th June 1829 but does not appear in the 1851 census. 

William was christened on 26th December 1831.

Maria two years later on 26th December 1833, living at 'Newtown'

Henry was  christened on  5th April 1836.

James and Zachariah were both christened on 7th July 1837. James died in 1837, Zachariah in 1838

Maria  was christened on 25th May 1839.

James, born in 1841 was christened on 24th May 1842.

Eliza Jane, christened on 29th August 1843, is wrongly namned  'Elenor' Jane in the IGI records. Married Gideon WILKINS a Chimney Sweep, in 1861.Widowed Cloth worker in 1881.  7 children Harriett (1862), Sarah (1865), Ellen (1866), William (1870),  Eliza M. (1873), Frederick (1875), Rosina (1876). Died 5th September 1909, 18 Middle Rank, Trowbridge, age 66.

John , born on 14th January 1847 was christened on 7th October 1849 with his brother George.

George was born on 4th August 1849 and christened on 7th October.

Ellen was christened on 25th January 1857, the family living at Wine Street.

Maria is recorded in 1856 when she witnesses the marriage of her brother William to Ann GORE.

The 1851 Census shows Henry living with his family at Palmer's Lane, Bradford on Avon and working as an agricultural labourer.
Henry HEDGES & Martha POWELL Marriage Record
He was living in Winsley when on 1st October 1854, he married Martha, the 20 year old daughter of Jeremiah and Ann POWELL of Winsley.
A year later Henry and Martha were living at Turleigh when their first child, Anna Maria was born. She was christened at St Nicholas Church, Winsley on 28th October 1855 .Their other children were:
Sarah christened on 20th September 1859, 

William christened 22nd April 1859, 

Frank christened 28th July 1863, 

Caroline christened 12th April 1865, 

Elizabeth christened 13th August 1869, 

Henry James was born in 1867 and christened on 5th December 1869,  finally

Richard Thomas christened with Henry in 1874.
The census of 1881 mistakenly records Henry James as two separate people, Henry and James, but this is almost certainly an enumeration error.
Martha is recorded as dying in the first quarter of 1873 and  Thomas is stated to be a 37 year old widower at his marriage on 22nd June 1873 to Ruth, the 24 year old daughter of Joseph and Sarah GORE, of Murhill.

Marriage Certificate, Henry HEDGES & Ruth GORE


Henry is described as a Miller's Carter when his second wife Ruth gave birth to their only son, Edward Joseph born on 6th March 1874.



This photograph probably taken about 1876 shows Henry and Ruth HEDGES with presumably, Edward Joseph  and Henry James



Caroline HEDGES married Frank Robinson, a shepherd's son of Bradford on Avon, on 9th August 1884 and Henry is recorded as a 'Labourer' on the certificate.


Henry, by now a Coal Merchant, died of 'Bronchitis Debility' on 22nd February 1890.



Ruth continued the family business, being described as a General Haulier with the two sons, Henry and Edward, Carters, in the Census of 1891.


The 1901 Census shows Ruth living at 34 Dorset Street, Bath with Edward Joseph, he now a Maltster's Drayman.



Ruth died on 20th June 1911


Henry HEDGES Death Certificate