Henry James HEDGES
1867 - 1941

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Hamlet of Turleigh  June 2003

Turleigh in 2003

Henry James was born in Turleigh, near Bradford on Avon, Wilts on 28th August 1867, the son of Henry HEDGES, a farm labourer and Martha (ne้ POWELL)

.Image produced from O.S. Get-a-map Service. Reproduced with kind  permission of OS & OSNI

He was christened two years later, on 5th December 1869 at St Nicholas Church, Winsley by Rev. F.S.Forss, the vicar. 

He had four older sisters, Ann Maria baptised on 28th October 1855, Sarah baptised on 20th October 1857, Caroline baptised 0n 12th April 1863 and Elizabeth baptised on 13th August 1865. He had two older brothers, William baptised 22nd April 1859, Frank baptised on 28th July 1861.and a younger brother  Richard Thomas., baptised on 5th December 1869. All the children were born in Turleigh and baptised at the parish church in Winsley.

St Nicholas Church, WinsleySt Nicholas Church Wynsley, June 2003

Martha, his mother, died in the spring of 1873 and his father Henry is recorded as a 'widower' on the occasion of his second marriage to Ruth GORE on 22nd June 1873.   The following year, on 6th March 1874, Henry's half-brother Edward Joseph was born.

The census of 1881 describes Caroline and Elizabeth  as 'servant' whilst Henry James is recorded as 'Henry' and 'James', 2 entries, both described as 'Errand Boy' and aged 12 and 13 years respectively. (This is an enumeration error, there is no other evidence that James existed as a separate person). Both Richard and Edward are recorded as 'Scholar'.

Anna Maria HEDGES married Henry WOODWARD at Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon on Christmas day in 1873, and Caroline HEDGES married Frank ROBINSON on 9th August 1884.

Henry James was 23 when his father, by then a coal merchant, died of 'Bronchitis Debility' on 22nd February 1890.

Henry James was working as a 'drayman' and recorded as living at his half-brother's home at 34 Dorset St. Bath, on the event of his marriage to Emily BROWN on the 16th April 1899. Emily, the daughter of John & Eliza BROWN of Holt, Wilts, was living at 26 Dorset Street, they were married at the Church of St Peter in the parish of  Twerton.

Hough Lane, Wombwell, About 1900

Hough Lane Wombwell C.1900

The 1901 Census records Henry, a Railway Drayman, and Emily, living at 101 Hough Lane, Wombwell, Yorkshire, with their twelve month old daughter Mahella Annie and two lodgers.

Henry James HEDGES and Emily BROWN About 1900

Left to Right; Ethel HEDGES nee KIDDY, Rose HEDGES, Jack HEDGES, Ethel HEDGES nee Robinson, Ted HEDGES, Oliver DAWSON, Bessie DAWSON nee HEDGES at Penn Church Wolverhampton 1973

Penn Parish Church Wolverhampton, 29th July 1972

The Family of Henry James and Emily HEDGES.

21st March 1900 Mahella Annie born.

1905 Milton Stacey born, but dies in 1906

18th August 1903 William Tyson born.

18th December 1906 Bessie born

13th January 1909 Albert Edward (Ted) born

2nd February 1911 John Leslie (Jack) born.

9th July 1916.        Rose born.

c. 1922 Mahella Annie (Ella) married Frank WARREN

1926     William Tyson married Ivy EYRE

7th July 1934 John Leslie married Ethel KIDDY

24th Dec. 1939 Rose married George BUCKLEY

c.1941 Albert EDWARD married Ethel ROBINSON

2nd August 1941 Bessie married Oliver DAWSON









Wombwell Main Railway Station

Bessie, Mahella and William Tyson outside Windmill Road

Henry James, Emily and Rose HEDGES at Swallow Falls, Betws-y-Coed

Henry James and Emily with their youngest daughter Rose at Swallow Falls Betws-y-Coed.

Henry James HEDGES with his Dray at Wombwell Station About 1930

Henry must have retired from his work as a Railway Drayman in about 1935.

He died on 30th December 1941 at the age of 73, his wife Emily surviving him until 1958.

In Loving Memory of


The Beloved Husband Of


Who Passed Away Dec 30th 1941

Aged 73 Years

Also The Above Named


Who Passed Away Jan 23rd 1958

Aged 85 Years


"At Rest"