George MEAR ( Abt 1797 ~ 1875)

Hannah COOPER (          ~ 1844 )

Alice HUNT (1814 ~ 1903)


George MEAR, the son of George & Sarah MEAR, was baptised on 29th  December 1805 at Dilhorne.

Various census data suggest that he was born about 1797, although his parents marriage was on 17th January 1799.

 He had two siblings who were also baptised at Dilhorne; a sister,  Ellen on 27th December 1803 and a brother 'MEER male' on 27th November 1808

George married Hannah COOPER on the 1st July 1819 at Cheddleton. See the Detailed MEAR FAMILY TREE

Records suggest that they had 11 or 12 children:-

Sarah MEAR baptised at Longton Methodist Chapel on 29th June 1820

George MEAR, born 18th January 1825 and baptised 1st March 1825 at  Longton Methodist Chapel. george married Jane SHUFFLEBOTHAM (b.Abt1819) in the March Quarter of 1850  and they had 5 children: Alfred (1849), Stephen (1853), George (1855), Mary J. (1857) and Hannah J. (1858). George died in the September Quarter of 1901, his death was registered at Stoke.

Stephen MEAR, born on 5th January 1827 and baptised at Longton Methodist Chapel on 31st January the same year. He married Frances GARNER at Cheadle in 1850. They have 4 recorded children, Stephen(1857), Alfred (1859), James T (1859), Emily (1860). In 1861 they were living at 88 High St, Longton. Stephen's 'aunt' Fanny BRIARS (1807) was residing with them.

Mary MEAR, born 7th June 1829 and baptised at Longton Methodist Chapel on 19th July in the same year.  Mary died in the December Quarter of 1888, Registered at Cheadle.

Mary had  an illegitimate son Frederick William born 22nd November 1866 at High Street, Longton.

Frederick William married Hannah Elizabeth HARRISON TWIGGE  in March Quarter of 1891 and they had 6 children;

Frederick William died on 9th December 1945 and Hannah on 9th July 1951, their gravestone is in Dilhorne Parish Churchyard

Hannah MEAR, was baptised on 5th February 1832 at Longton Methodist chapel and married John LEES (abt. 1830). They had 2 children, Alfred (abt. 1858), Adeline (Abt 1860).

Richard MEAR, born  on 15th September 1834 and baptised on 26th October at Longton Methodist Chapel. He married Sarah Ann WHIELDON (1837), on October 14th 1858 at Cheadle Parish Church.( The same day that Alfred WHIELDON married Ann MEAR). Richard and Sarah Ann had a daughter Elizabeth Ann, born in 1866 who married William John TAYLOR at Stoke in 190o, but died in 1917.

Mary MEAR, born  on 20 March 1837 and baptised on 23rd April 1837. Recorded as the daughter of George and Hannah, but more likely to be an illegitimate grandaughter. Their daughter Mary (1829) was still living and this Mary does not appear in subsequent census records. Additionally Hannah would have been pregnant with her daughter Anne at the time of this birth.

Ann  MEAR, born on  26th August 1837 at Above Park, Dilhorne. She married Alfred WHIELDON on 14th October 1858 at the Parish Church, Cheadle where the ceremony was witnessed by her brother Richard and sister in law Sarah Ann WHIELDON. They had 5 children,  Annie Elizabeth (1859), Edmund (1861), Emily (1864), Mary Elizabeth (1868), Alice Gertrude (1883).

Sarah  MEAR, born on 3rd October 1838 and baptised on 28th November 1838 at Checkley.

Jane  MEAR, baptised on 6th September 1840 at Checkley

Hannah  MEAR, baptised on 6th September 1840 at Checkley, Died 16th September 1840 at Checkley.

George MEAR, born in the June Quarter of 1842 and baptised on 5th June 1842. His death is registered in the same quarter of that year.

Hannah Mear (senior) died in the June Quarter of 1844 and George remarried, to Alice HUNT in the December Quarter of 1851 at St Peter's Church, Stoke.  George and Alice had 2 children:

Arthur Henry, born about 1849, he  married Louisa BIRKS in March Quarter 1886 at Cheadle and

Sarah Jane, baptised on 28th March 1852 at Caverswall, she  married Thomas CARNWELL in March Quarter 1886.  Thomas and Sarah had 4 children, Alice Mary (1887), Louisa (1893), George (1897), Arthur (1896).

George MEAR died in the March Quarter of 1875 and Alice went to live with Sarah Jane and Thomas at the neighbouring farm of Greenhead, where she remained until her death in the June Quarter of 1903.