Alfred WHIELDON (1828~1907)

Ann MEAR (1837~1905)

Alfred WHIELDON was born in Kingsley, Staffordshire on 4th April 1828, the son of John, a Sawyer & Timber Merchant and Hannah.

He had two older brothers, Thomas born in 1824 and John born in 1827.  When he was 4 years old another brother, Jacob was born and then in 1835 a sister, Sarah, who unfortunately died the following year.  In 1837 came another sister, Sarah Ann and in 1840 another brother, Edmund.   In 1841 the family were living at Foxt, where 2 years later Mary, his youngest sister was born.


Alfred married Ann MEAR on 14th October 1858 at Cheadle Parish Church at which time he was described as a Wheelwright. Ann's brother Richard MEAR and Alfred's younger sister Sarah Ann were witnesses to the marriage.

Alfred and Ann 's first child was a daughter, Annie Elizabeth who was born in Kingsley 1859. The family moved to Ashbourne shortly after this as their second child, Edmund was born at Buxton Road, Ashbourne on 23rd November 1861. Alfred appears in an 1861 trade directory as a Beer retailer, a trade which he must have carried on alongside his Wheelwright profession.

In 1864 and 1868 two sisters were born also at Ashbourne, Emily and Mary Elizabeth. The family's whereabouts in the 1871 census are not known, but in 1881 they are living back in Staffordshire at Blakeley Lane and Alfred is described as a 'Farmer of 107 Acres'.

Alice Gertrude WHIELDON, born in 1883 at Consall is recorded in the 1891 census as a daughter to Alfred and Ann, although as Ann would have been 46 years old, she might be a granddaughter rather than a daughter.

Annie Elizabeth died on 3rd November 1908 and is buried in Kingsley Churchyard;

Edmund married  Emila HARRISON TWIGGE and went to live in Hampshire;

Emily married Bennett FALLOWS  and had three children, Bennet born in 1892, George A. born in 1894 and Gertrude born in 1895. Emily died in 1912 and is buried with her husband  also at Kingsley;

Mary Elizabeth married Joseph BULLOCK and lived at Dilhorne where she had a son Albert in 1899.  She died on16th July 1902 and is buried with  Annie Elizabeth at Kingsley;

Alice Gertrude married John HAWLEY in 1907.

Alfred was still living at Blakeley Farm in 1905 when Ann died on 22nd June 1905. He died 2 years later, on 8th July 1907 and they are both buried at Kingsley in a grave alongside their two daughters Annie Elizabeth and  Mary Elizabeth.