John WHIELDON (1801~1878)

Hannah SMITH (1801~1873)

John WHIELDON, the eldest son of Joseph and Margaret was born on 14th April 1801 and baptised on 3rd May 1801 at St Leonard's Church, Ipstones.

He had 8 brothers and 3 sisters;

~Sarah, born 1st May and baptised 15th May 1803,. She married Matthew FERNIHOUGH And had 2 children, Jane Ann born 1832 and died 1835, and Arthur born in Jul 1842 and died 12th January 1844. Jane Ann is buried at Ipstones.

~Joseph, baptised 30th June 1805 at Ipstones and died 13th May 1808. His tombstone stands in Ipstones churchyard.

1808 Memorial Inscription St Leonard's Church, Ipstones


Lieth the body of Joseph WHIELDON,

Son of Joseph and Margaret

Whieldon of Foxt who died May

 13th 1808 Aged 2 years and

 11 months.

"Sweet Innocency's form lies here

 Lamented by his Parents dear,

Who hope at last in endless joy

To meet again their lovely boy"


~Thomas, baptised on 3rd April 1808 at Ipstones; he married Lydia RICHARDSON about 1840 and had 8 or 9 children, 3 of whom died in infancy. Thomas died after 1881.

~Joseph, baptised on 29th July 1810, married Mary BIRD and had a son Jacob born about 1840 in Astbury, Cheshire.

~William, baptised on 7th February 1813 at Ipstones.

~George, born in 1815 at Ipstones and died after 1881.

~Ann, born in 1817

~Isaac, baptised on 14th May 1820, married Mary HAMPSON in 1843 at ?Blore Ray and had at least 7 children. Isaac, a wheelwright, died after 1881, his wife Mary having died on 21st December 1870.

~Jacob, born in 1822, married Mary Ann WILLIAMSON at Ipstones in 1850. they emigrated to U.S.A. and had 8 children. Jacob died in 1896.

~Margaret, baptised on 11th December 1825 and married Clement SIMPSON at Checkley in 1851. She was living with her mother in 1851 census.

John WHIELDON married Hannah SMITH  on 5th November 1821 at Cheadle and had 8 children;

~Thomas baptised on 22nd August 1824 at Ipstones/Checkley; He married Martha JOHNSON in 1851 and they had at least 5 children. Thomas died in 1878 and Martha in1885.



Memory of


of FOXT Wood




In the midst of life we are in death



~John born in 1827; He married Mary DOUGHTY at Cheadle in a civil ceremony in 1853 and they had at least 7  children.

~Alfred born on 4th April 1828;He married Ann MEAR at Cheadle Parish church on 14th October 1858 and they had 5 children. Alfred and Ann have a headstone in Kingsley Parish Church.

~Jacob born in1832; he married Mary Ann WILLIAMSON in 1850 and died in U.S.A.

~Sarah born in 1835, died in 1836.

~Sarah Ann born in 1837; she married Richard MEAR at Cheadle Parish Church in 1858 and they had a daughter Elizabeth Ann. Sarah died in 1901.

~Edmund born in 1840, died in 1853.

~Mary born in 1843 married William BOWLER at Cheadle in 1870.

John WHIELDON died in 1878 and Hannah in 1873.