The Family of Florence PARKIN



The PARKINS and HODGSONS of Fitzroyd,Nr. Barnsley About 1914




Florence BUCKLEY (ne้ PARKIN)  Edith Annie BUCKLEY


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Jane WARD (ne้ Hodgson) was born in Elsecar and  lived with her husband James at No1 Guest Row, Fitzroyd  Jump, near Barnsley. The family kept several animals, hens and geese, and Jane is remembered as smoking a clay pipe.  Amy, their daughter, was born at Kitroyd in 1863, and in 1885 their grandaughter, Florence, is recorded as being born at No.9 Hitroyd Wombwell.  A Family bible dates from this period and is inscribed " James Ward, No.1 Guest Row, Fitzroyd, Jump, Near Barnsley, Yorkshire. Baught of Thomas Coward, January Eighth 1885". These references are all probably for the same location, shown on maps of 1885 as Kitroyd.

Florence spent the majority of her life living within this small area of Hoyland/Jump

Born at Kitroyd, she spent her childhood 1/2 mile to the west at Milton. Her children were born in Lower Gill Street and she lived her later life in Cobcar Street in a house built later than this 1900 map.



Florence's father, John PARKIN was born on 13th October 1858 at Alderthwaite, the illegitimate son of Harriot PARKIN a Domestic Servant.

Alderthwaite is a small agricultural settlement to the southeast of Hoyland  which in the 1851 Census was farmed by Benjamin CARNELLY and comprised 100 acres.  Other families at Alderthwaite were MYERS (groom), RODGER (Farm Lab.), BURGIN (Farm Lab.), DEUCE (Farm Lab.) , HOYLAND (Farmer of 23 acres) and  EVANS (Coal Lab.).

John was raised by his grandparents, and the 1861 census records the 2 year old at Alderthwaite with George and Arabella PARKIN, both now in their 50s and his teenage 'Uncles', Ironstone Miners. Whilst his mother, Harriot, is a Kitchen Servant to George RUSSELL a 70 year old widowed farmer in Upper Hoyland. 


On May 1st 1865 Harriet married Jonathan KITCHEN of Thorpe Hesley at Rotherham Parish Church and the couple living in Thorpe Hesley go on to raise 8 children.  Harriet was buried in Thorpe Hesley Church on 18th November 1879.

In Alderthwaite at the time of  the census of 1881, George and Arabella  are both over 70 and living at Nether Field with Thomas and John both now working as miners.

George died on 16th March 1885; his death certificate acknowledging John as his grandson.


 John PARKIN married Amy HODGSON at St Peter's Church Hoyland.on 19th April 1885, Amy's step father James WARD was one witness to the marriage, the second witness being Jemima Townend of Jump/Kitroyd, aged 5 years!

Arabella died on 30th June 1885, only 2 weeks after John and Amy's first child, Florence was born.

John and Amy  had seven children;


Florence PARKIN was born  on 13th June 1885. She married John William BUCKLEY at Barnsley Register Office on 4th October 1910. She was a witness to her sister, Harriet's marriage at Holmfirth in 1936.


George William PARKIN was born  on 6th July 1886 at Bethel Street, Hoyland and married Sarah DEAN on 21st July 1913 at St Oswald's Church, Winwick near Warrington. Sarah's sister Eliza witnessed the marriage. George and Sarah lived in Barber Street, Hoyland, although Sarah spent her later years at Croft, near Warrington, Lancashire, and died on 10th October 1961 at Warrington Infirmary.


Fred PARKIN was born on 23rd April 1888 at Milton, (almost certainly ate 194 Milton Road), he married Bertha NORTON of 142 Burtin Road, Barnsley at Monk Bretton Church on August 21st 1915. Henry and Edith PARKIN witnessed the marriage. "They lived at  Cudworth and following Bertha's death he  married  Doris from Sheffield".


Mary Ann PARKIN was born on 24th May 1889 at Milton, she married Harry BROOKE, a mill worker from Huddersfield at St Philip's Church Birchencliff on 2nd August 1913.  On 30th October the same year, Mary sailed to New York from Liverpool aboard S.S. Celtic. Arriving at Ellis Island Immigration on 9th November she inadvertently wrote her maiden name and had to correct it on the document.


She was travelling with Minnie Fisher and Minnie's 8month old daughter Dorothy, travelling to join Minnie's husband, Arthur, who had emigrated the previous July aboard S.S. Baltic to work as a mechanical engineer in Detroit.. Mary Ann, described as a 'Weaver', gave details of her father in law, Batley  Brook, as her nearest relative in England. She is described as 5' 1" tall with dark complexion, dark hair and grey eyes.  Harry BROOKE sailed from Liverpool on 20th November 1913 aboard S.S. 'Baltic' and arrived in new York on 29th November 1913. He was 24 years old having been born in Netherton, Huddersfield and gave his occupation as 'butcher'. There is a family tradition that he worked in the meat trade in Detroit, becoming very successful, although documentary evidence shows him working for Ford Motor Company in 1917. He is described as being 5' 7" tall with dark complexion, dark hair and dark eyes.  In retirement they moved to Daytona Beach, Valosia, Florida. Harry died on 17th Nov.1968 aged 79 and Mary died on 23rd Sept. 1983, 1 day before her 94th birthday.


Edith PARKIN was born on 12th May 1891 at Milton, married Walter BLACKBURN of 14 School Street, Hemmingfield on 21st April 1919,  her brother Henry was a witness to the marriage. "They had twin daughters, Dorothy and Betty born in 1926. Betty died whilst very young. They had a third daughter called Marjorie".


Henry PARKIN was born at 194 Milton Road  on 26th December 1894 and married Mona KNEALE in Blackpool on 3rd September 1934 ( His sister Harriet was a witness to the marriage). Mona was  a cashier at the Blackpool Pleasure Park and unfortunately died the following year, in the Spring of 1935.  "Henry  worked in a Coventry Car Plant for most of his life and on retirement went to live with his sister Florence at 43 Cobcar Street, Elsecar".


Harriet Annis PARKIN, 'Hetty' was born at 194 Milton on 5th October 1902. and married John Herbert MOORHOUSE at the Wesley Chapel, Holmfirth on 27th August 1936.her sister Florence BUCKLEY and his brother Harold MOORHOUSE were witnesses to the marriage. Harriet is said to have separated from John Herbert and retired to live in Bournemouth.


In the 1901 Census the family is living at 194 Milton Street, Hoyland Nether and comprised: 

John Parkin,   Head, 42 years old, Coal Hewer, born in Hoyland.
Amy Parkin,  Wife, 38 years old, born in Wombwell
George W Parkin , Son age14,  Colliery Labourer Below Ground, born in Hoyland
Fred Parkin, Son, age 12 , born in Hoyland
Mary A Parkin ,Daughter, age11 , born in Hoyland
Edith Parkin,  Daughter, age 9, born in Hoyland
Henry Parkin,  Son, age 6, born in Hoyland.

Florence is 'In Service' with the Nield family of 3 Elmwood Terrace, Huddersfield:

Herbert Nield, Head, 41 years old, a 'Traveller for Woollen Manufr.' born in Huddersfield

Sarah Alice Nield, Wife, aged 39, born in Huddersfield

Norman W. Nield, Son, age 12, born in Huddersfield

Florence Parkin, Servant, aged 16, "General Service Domestic", born in Barnsley

John William & Florence BUCKLEY John William and Florence BUCKLEY lived at 57 Gill Street, Hoyland after they were married and their children Edith Annie, John and George  were all born there.

Florence's mother, Amy, died on 10th January 1931, aged 68 and was buried at Kirk Balk Cemetery, Hoyland on 14th January 1931. Florence's father, John, who had a glass eye, and had lost most of the sight of his other eye, moved to live with John William and Florence, by then living at 43 Cobcar Street, Elsecar.

John PARKIN died on 18th March 1940, at the age of 81 years, and was buried with Amy at Kirk Balk Cemetery  on 23rd March 1940.

Florence moved to a retirement home in Cudworth for the last years of her life. She died at Barnsley General Hospital on 21st June 1982