Buckley~Hedges Family History

Allen ~ Whieldon Family History

This website is being developed as a Family History site for my family, predominantly BUCKLEY and HEDGES, mainly from Yorkshire and Wiltshire respectively and for my wife's families, WHIELDON from Staffordshire and ALLEN from Cornwall,  but there are other surnames and places, so have a look around. Although I have include immediate ancestors, I have information and contacts for the wider family, so if you think you may have a family tie or if there is something you think  I can help you with  in your research then please do not hesitate to contact me. mbuckley@swaythlinglawn.co.uk

I am indebted to my HEDGES and BUCKLEY family members  for their help, stories and permission to include their photographs in this site. I would particularly like to thank Karen Lightowler for all the trips to Sheffield she has made to look for my family records and wish her well in her research on the Sheffield Flood.

I have a special vote of thanks to Malcolm Nunn, the archivist at Bradfield, who is also a BUCKLEY relative, for the enormous leap forward (or back!) he gave me when we discovered that we both had great grandfathers called Joel who were in fact cousins!  He took my family research back from the 1820's to the 1730's virtually overnight!    Malcolm has an enormous wealth of information to hand, not only about the BUCKLEYS, but about all the families associated with Bradfield and can be contacted at: archives@bradfield-yorks-pc-gov.uk

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